Sam Norval, IS a PORTRAIT AND FASHION photographer + DIRECTOR based in the New York City.

Sam Norval has curated a portfolio that speaks volumes. His lens has captured the essence of countless projects, from iconic movie posters and captivating album covers to alluring magazine spreads and impactful advertising campaigns. Sam’s work adorns towering billboards and graces the pages of prestigious editorials.

Having collaborated with an impressive array of talent, Sam Norval’s portfolio is a testament to his artistry. His subjects range from legendary musicians and globally recognized actors to the everyday individuals who make our world extraordinary. Tommy Ramone, Les Paul, Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson, A$AP Rocky, Usher, and many more have all found themselves in front of his lens, immortalized through his mastery.

With an eye for the extraordinary and a passion for storytelling, Sam Norval’s photography transcends the ordinary, capturing moments that resonate and inspire. Each frame is a testament to his dedication, creativity, and the seamless blend of technical skill and artistic vision.

Welcome to the world of Sam Norval, where photography becomes a journey, and every image paints a story.