Sam’s celebrity photography is steeped in knowing how to capture notables in a way that feels real and authentic. With a keen eye for details and a good sense of what he is trying to capture, Sam goes beyond the usual glitz and glam. By creating a genuine connection with his subjects and communicating with them in a calming manner, each photoshoot becomes a personal adventure. The photos don’t just show what these individuals look like – they reveal who they really are.


Sam’s fashion work is a global journey of transforming the world into an exquisite runway where major brands and talent take center stage. From fashion capitals to exotic locales, he isn’t just snapping pictures; he crafting visual tales of style and sophistication. Armed with an instinct for the pulse of fashion trends and an uncanny ability to spotlight the unique allure of each destination, every shot becomes a passport to glamour.


Diving into the rhythm and soul of the music world, Sam Norval’s portfolio boasts an enchanting array of captures that encapsulate the essence of musicians in their purest form. With an uncanny ability to freeze the magic of live performances and studio sessions, Sam’s lens unravels the stories that melodies tell.


In the dynamic realm of advertising, Sam collaborates with global brands and has craft images that speak louder than words. From digital applications to eye-catching billboards, he is the visual architect behind campaigns that resonate with audiences. Working closely with brands, Sam turn concepts into compelling visuals that embody the very essence of the product or message. Every shot is meticulously designed not just to showcase the brand but to evoke a visceral response, creating a seamless connection between the brand and its audience. Whether it’s the crisp details of a brand or the lifestyle surrounding it, Sam captures the narrative that the brand wants to convey.


Navigating the world of editorial photography, Sam Norval steps into the role of a visual storyteller, capturing moments to unfold like chapters in a magazine. With an acute awareness of the narrative at play, he collaborates with editorial teams to encapsulate the essence of a story through compelling visuals. From fashion spreads to thought-provoking features, each image is carefully composed. In this collaborative process, Sam not only documents events but shapes the editorial voice, adding a layer of visual richness to the storytelling.